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ITFI is one of the leading innovators in Oil and Natural Gas production and exploration. Our sole aim is to utilize the power of energy to enhance human growth, advance communities and to ensure global development to sustain our planet.

Though global energy demand accelerated at a fast pace this decade, last year witnessed an alarming upsurge in of 2.3%. The current population growth projection graph of 2017 predicts that the human population is likely to reach 9.8 billion in 2050.

Although research on alternative sources of energy is making steady advances, hydrocarbon-based energy sources will be counted to meet the lion's share of the world’s energy demand.

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The North Gas Field, with total recoverable gas of more than 900 trillion standard cubic feet (tscf), was discovered in 1971 and is considered to be the largest single non-associated gas reservoir in the world It covers an area of 6,000 square kilometres, equivalent to about half the land area of GMS.

Our Mission

At ITFI, we are committed to advancing humanity by transforming lives, thereby enhancing global productivity. With this vision guiding us over a decade, we have played a supporting role in the economic development of Asian and European markets. 

Our team of visionaries and technical experts operate across the entire value chain through a network of fully specialized and integrated commercial entities. 

We envision tackling global emission and keeping up with the rise in demand for energy, through a unique blend of expertise gained over years of experience and investment in state of the art cutting edge technology.

We are well equipped to provide reliable and sustainable solutions to tackle energy management difficulties at a global level.

  • In order to deliver on this Mission, our Strategic Objectives are
  • Provide the state with a reliable and sustainable cash flow, from a range of business interests
  • Prudently manage the hydrocarbon reserves
  • Meet International oil and gas demand in a cost-effective manner
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At ITFI we recognize that satisfying Global Oil and Gas needs requires a high degree of efficiency, and reliability which is why we seek out only the best supplier networks to realize our requirements for materials and services for our clients and end users.