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ITFI starts State of the Art Research Lab

ITFI is concerned with more than just balancing the demand and supply of oil and gas resources. We care about the environment, and focus on making a life better for future generations. So, we started a Research Lab on June 2017 to pave way for a sustainable oil and gas extraction.

We have manned our Lab with top talents. They are trained to the highest standards, and are given the flexibility to evolve at their own pace. Some of the breakthroughs we have accomplished through our research center are.

Efficient Methane Gas Emission Detection

One of the side effects of Oil and Gas extraction is a possibility for high methane leakage. This leads to accelerates global warming. Stopping methane gas leaks was our first challenge. In the era of technological advancements, we have developed sophisticated equipment and technology for quick methane emission detection. We use drones and planes to survey large areas quickly, and take steps to negate the effect.

Sophistic and Accurate Geophysical Measurements

The time-lapse seismic reservoir monitoring system developed by ITFI team uses multiple 3D seismic surveys at two or more points in time, and merge the results to give an enhanced 4D image of the site. When compared to the traditional 3D imaging technology, our uniquely developed 4D technology helps to determine the changes subjected by a reservoir over the course of time. In addition, analyzing 4D data volumes can help to identify the movement of fluid interfaces, improve the quality of reservoir characterization and achieve better recovery efficiency.

LNG Project

We continue to improve the technology behind LNG, by research and innovation. Our floating LNG facility can access and tap underwater resources economically. We use sophistic technology to finding oil fields, extracting gas, liquefying gas, shipping them, processing them through Regasification plants, and transport efficiently to meet demand-supply dynamics.

Studying the effects of Deep water injections

Enhanced oil recovery techniques has paved the way for extracting oil and gas resources trapped underground, but had led to the side effect of large quantities of contaminated waste water. Though we take steps to inject them underwater into rocks, it might lead to surge of earthquakes in surrounding areas according to recent studies. We care about the environment and undertook in-depth studies in our lab to reduce the negative impacts. Then, found that injecting in basement rocks are comparatively less risky than injecting into sedimentary rocks, contrary to what was always believed.

Our research and innovation wing continues to reduce the negative environmental footprints and to proactively plan for effective resource supply management.

At ITFI we recognize that satisfying Global Oil and Gas needs requires a high degree of efficiency, and reliability which is why we seek out only the best supplier networks to realize our requirements for materials and services for our clients and end users.