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The foremost industrial challenges faced by all the Oil and Gas companies around the globe, is to produce refined products and Oil at a lower cost, and at the same time tackle the challenge of staying ahead in a competitive market whilst conducting operations in an ecologically responsive way. Thus, it is vital to improve production systems and environmental benefits to reduce cost and take full advantage of production efficiency.

In order to reduce the negative environmental footprint, ITFI is on the lookout for Oil fields in deep waters and inhospitable locations. At every ten meters in-depth, the water pressure rises consistently. As we go to a depth of 3km the pressure will be around 4,500 pounds. This high pressure on the sea bed will pose a major hurdle in pumping out Oil to the ground. In addition, there is a high risk of additional costs if drilling is done in the wrong habitation.


We are at an age where Gas and Oil production and usage are undergoing an enormous transformation in digital infrastructure. Our leading technical team at ITFI has come up with ingenious geophysical measurement scales which are useful for multi-dimensional seismic imaging. Using our algorithms we could easily create a complete 4D map of the sea bed. The use of cloud computing enables us to instantaneously analyze the sheer amount of mammoth sized data, and implement operational changes to lessen risk. This also helps us to drastically cut down operational expenses.

Our engineers utilize patented seismic technology to accurately map and interpret potential hydrocarbon reserves. Unlike the traditional 3D imaging technology, our uniquely developed 4D technology adds time component which interprets the changes occurring to a reservoir over the course of time. This saves a whole lot of overhead cost, maximizes the return on investment and minimizes drilling risk.

Since unplanned downtime and underperformance in production due to mechanical dysfunction can pay havoc with efficiency, equipment reliability is a critical priority for us. Our team of engineers and technical staff work round the clock and ensure that the operational and mechanical parameters are set to ensure optimum efficiency.

All our refiners comply with stringent air and water quality regulations as per the new EPA guidelines to control the air emission and keep the water toxicity level to the minimum. Our golden key to excellence is frontline labor productivity, energy efficiency, focusing on plant reliability, working-capital management, and SG&A optimization. Being one of the top performers, we use a system that clearly describes all the operational considerations, to achieve optimumresults and how to improve on them. To achieve excellence in capital projects, our staff relentlessly improve vendor-management methods.

We anticipate the possible needs of our customers and continuously transform our solutions to cater to these evolving needs. All our designs and workflow parameters have advanced over time to ensure high efficiency, reliability, and cost effectiveness. We are fully equipped to fulfil the present and future requirements by seamlessly adapting new methodologies. At ITFI, we have stringent safety and health standards. We give high priority to safety and health to reduce the lost-time incidents for contractors and employees.


At ITFI we recognize that satisfying Global Oil and Gas needs requires a high degree of efficiency, and reliability which is why we seek out only the best supplier networks to realize our requirements for materials and services for our clients and end users.