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ITFI, is a pacesetter in bringing enhanced oil and gas resources to the market, having started a special facility to process natural gas. Located in the GMS region, our production plant strives to transport natural gas to locations where pipelines are difficult to get to. We strive to make oil and gas resources accessible to all sectors of the population.

ITFI's facility taps the huge resources of oil and gas from deep within the earth's surface, by responsible hydraulic fracking techniques. We take environmental protection seriously, and have put in place necessary safeguards to avoid poisonous greenhouse gases and contaminated liquid wastes polluting the environment. Then, they are cooled in expansive barrels till they reach a liquid state.

Liquefied Natural Gas is natural gas cooled to a liquid state at about -260 degree Fahrenheit. This temperature drop liquefies the methane present in natural gas, making transportation at atmospheric pressure possible. This process will ensure improved storage and economical shipping. This is due to the simple fact that volume of liquid gas is about 600 times smaller than that of it being in gaseous state.

Then we ship them in specially insulated tanker ships between export terminals, and the gas is kept in liquid form through a process of auto refrigeration. Though LNG has little chance of igniting or exploding if spills occur, the ships are equipped with leak detection technology, disaster systems to avoid explosions and sophisticated radar and positioning systems.

We return the liquefied gas to its normal gaseous state through a process called regasification at the import terminals, The LNG is dehydrated into a gaseous state by an elaborate system of advanced methodology, where the liquefied gas is passed through series of vaporizers that reheat the fuel above -260° Fahrenheit mark.

After this, steps are taken to distribute it for commercial and domestic use. It can be used to power heating and cooking needs in the domestic sector, and electricity generation for large scale industrial use. They can also be used to power automobiles, as it is a cheaper alternative to gasoline.

Besides being a sustainable energy source cost wise, LNG is environmentally friendly. It emits lower amounts of greenhouse gases and other harmful pollutants. LNG is especially suitable for processes that require high temperature. LNG is a better solution for businesses with constant energy consumption.

Having realized this, ITFI is trying to devise strategic plans to dynamically tap the natural resources, and seamlessly integrate them to meet the demand and supply balance in the market. Our ongoing research and innovation is for an energized future, in more ways than one!


At ITFI we recognize that satisfying Global Oil and Gas needs requires a high degree of efficiency, and reliability which is why we seek out only the best supplier networks to realize our requirements for materials and services for our clients and end users.