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ITFI is a trailblazer in providing sustainable resources that are both cost effective and energy efficient. Emerging Technologies in automation and robotics have completely redefined the workings of the Oil and Gas industry. Advancements in scientific research have enabled the Oil and Gas industry to acquire products from unconventional and highly diversified sources, with greater efficiency and higher speed.

Being one of the most hazardous and delicate industry sectors, the risks of leakages or accidents can lead to catastrophic outcomes for companies in this sector. We take safecaution in regular maintenance and monitoring, to ensure optimum performance with minimal investment.

At ITFI, we have an éliteteam of experts, who have developed ingenious designs in geophysical measurements. The time-lapse seismic reservoir monitoring system utilized by ITFI team, uses multiple 3D seismic surveys at two or more points in time and merge the results to give an enhanced 4D image of the site. When compared to the traditional 3D imaging technology, our uniquely developed 4D technology helps to determine the changes subjected by a reservoir over the course of time.

In addition, analyzing 4D data volumes can help to

  • Identify the movement of fluid interfaces
  • Improve the quality of reservoir characterization
  • Achieve better recovery efficiency

All our algorithms are coded and bug fixed by the finest programmers in the industry. Our patented algorithms coupled with the super high processing power of supercomputers, accomplish the massive computational task of analyzing mammoth sized data in just a wink of an eye. The results are in turn used by the ITFI team to make effective business decisions and make informed choices. The unique 3-D velocity modelling software of ITFI create accurate virtual models of deep-sea surfaces.

Our specially designed drilling platform provides a base for the workers to couple and disengage various sections of the drilling pipe. We use additional lengths of pipes as the hole deepens eventually due to continuous drilling. All out piping and drills are made out of high quality and durable material, capable enough to withstand the tormenting pressure of deep sea bed. All our drilling operations are carefully pre-planned in such a way that whenever the drilling needs to be changed a bit, the entire drilling string of pipe is detached and placed inside the derrick. Once this is done, a new bit is fixed in its place and the pipes are returned to its original place to continue the drilling.

Since utmost care is required to ensure that drilling string pipe does not crack apart or fall back into the hole, we employ computerized robotic handling of drilling pipes to ensure enhanced security and smooth pumping.

As one of the elite performers in the game, we understand that specialized equipment won't be enough to secure us the right place in the markets. We use an innovative and smart approach by developing a race plan, road testing and a thorough understanding of when and where to hit for the Gas. ‘Smart drilling’ with a unique blend of right kind of technology along with groundbreaking ideas will pave the golden way to success in the near future.


At ITFI we recognize that satisfying Global Oil and Gas needs requires a high degree of efficiency, and reliability which is why we seek out only the best supplier networks to realize our requirements for materials and services for our clients and end users.