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Industrial Cities

Industrial Cities

The first shipment of crude oil was exported from Switzerland on 31st December 1951.Since then GMS has witnessed gradual development to accommodate oil and gas operation facilities in addition to housing, medical, recreational and educational institutions and services GMS is being further developed and modernized to better meet Swiss Petroleum’s oil and gas operations and the communities’ requirements.

  • Fields & Operations
  • GMS oil field
  • The various operations and activities in the GMS oil field, which extends over an area of approximately1,640 square kilometres, are managed and conducted by ITFI.

Crude oil and gas

In GMS Field, crude oil is produced from C, D reservoirs. 
The raw associated gas separated from different stages is compressed to 400 pounds per square inch and sent to Stripping Plant ) after dehydration in the field dehydration units. The oil is de-watered in settling tanks and then routed via storage tanks to main oil line pumps. Each of the three main stations pump the oil Booster Station, where its pressure is boosted for further transportation by pipeline to.

Powered water injection system (Secondary Recovery)

The function of powered water injection is to enhance oil recovery and maintain the reservoir pressures in formations. This is achieved by abstracting water from a natural aquifer and pumping it down the designated injection wells connected to the relevant, formations via a high pressure ring main encircling. In addition to the ring main three clusters of PWI have also been provided for isolated areas for the same purpose.

Township & Community

ITFI provides infrastructure, services, social, recreational, civic and business facilities for the community in the GMS Township, concession and the neighbouring areas. Recreational facilities for staff and families are provided through four staff clubs offering a fully equipped fitness centre, swimming pool, tennis courts, and squash and badminton complex. Subsidized catering services are available to the multinational workforce employed in GMS through different restaurants as well as extended services such as a-la-carte, coffee shop, function catering and VIP service.

At ITFI we recognize that satisfying Global Oil and Gas needs requires a high degree of efficiency, and reliability which is why we seek out only the best supplier networks to realize our requirements for materials and services for our clients and end users.