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Recruitment Process

ITFI have lots of career opportunities to give you global exposure. We follow an organized recruitment process, to maintain transparent talent acquisition. Here are most common FAQs, answered for your convenience.

1. How do I apply for a job?

Our recruitment process is streamlined online. You can submit an online application for any vacancy that suits your capabilities. You will receive an immediate email confirmation on submission and will be assigned a unique reference number you will receive an email confirming whether you meet our initial criteria for selection, within two days.

If you meet our initial criteria for selection

Once you meet our initial expectations, you will go to the next stage of our selection process. In this stage, you will be contacted by one of our recruiters to discuss the next steps. This might be a confirmation on whether you are short-listed for interview or to gather more information for verification process. In case, we don't have vacancies to suit your capabilities at present, your profile will be retained in our recruitment database.

If your application does not meet our initial criteria

In this scenario, you will not be considered further for a specific job. But, your profile will be retained in our database. If you match any new openings in the future, you will be notified by email and invited to apply again through our website.

2. If I receive a rejection email for a particular job, is there a possibility to be considered for any other job?

As part of the application process, you will be required to answer a few basic questions to test your knowledge about a job. This will help you determine whether you meet the basic criteria for a job. If you don't meet the requirement, you will not be considered for a job. However, we would invite you to review the latest vacancies from time to time and apply afresh for other vacancies. We do not reject any application, based on past experiences.

3. Whom do I contact for queries about the online application process?

You can click on 'help' during any stage of your application submission.

4. What sort of questions will I be asked during the application process?

We try to match your skills and qualifications by asking job-specific questions, and at the same time ensure that you comply with applicable laws and our corporate policies. The questions focus on understanding your subjective and practical knowledge about the job you are applying for. If you get to the next stage of the selection process, your responses to key questions will be verified again.

5. What happens to the information I provide you?

The personal and other sensitive information you provide during the application process, will only be used for the purpose for which it is collected. We store them securely in our recruiter database that is password protected. We do not share your information to any third parties or affiliates.

For further queries, you can contact us directly.

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