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Our Vision

At ITFI, we are committed to advancing humanity by transforming lives, thereby enhancing global productivity. With this vision guiding us over a decade, we have played a supporting role in the economic development of Asian and European markets.

Our team of visionaries and technical experts operate across the entire value chain through a network of fully specialized and integrated commercial entities.

We envision tackling global emission and keeping up with the rise in demand for energy, through a unique blend of expertise gained over years of experience and investment in state of the art cutting edge technology.

We are well equipped to provide reliable and sustainable solutions to tackle energy management difficulties at a global level.

Our company has created employment opportunities for thousands of people globally, thereby creating a positive and lasting impact on millions of lives. Propelled with the diverse knowledge of market economy, ITFI has played a key role in the global emergence of the European market for Oil and Gas resources. Apart from Oil exploration and mining, we have been instrumental in the preservation of several Oil reserves to limit environmental footprint to the minimum. As per the current Population growth projection established in 2017, by 2050 the human population is likely to reach over ten billion. Although several types of research are carried out all over the world to explore the possibilities of alternative sources of energy, this won't be enough to keep up with the steady rise in global demand for energy. Hence, our vision is to ensure a seamless supply ecosystem.

One of the biggest challenges facing the world today is due to the burning of fossil fuels such as Oil and Gas. Rising oceans, soaring temperatures, and extreme weather conditions are causing havoc to millions of people around the globe. If the intensity in global warming continues at this pace, our planet would be unrecognizable in the coming few years. Though developed countries such as the United States, Europe, Canada, and Japan contribute to the lion's share of global emissions, it is the poorest countries who suffer the worst, as they cannot easily adapt to change in climatic patterns due to financial constraints. We envision to provide sustainable solutions at affordable prices.

We have handpicked several genius minds from all over the world to innovate and design technology, thereby enabling us to keep the environmental footprint to the minimum possible level. In addition, we are capturing carbon emissions and turning them into many useful products for the manufacturing industry. Our uniquely designed technology enables us to effectively manage our current Oil assets to ensure minimal carbon emission during drilling. At present we are experimenting on next-generation technology to recycle the hydrocarbon emissions that might occur during Oil and Gas drilling.

ITFI has successfully proven to be a rich resource for Gas and Oil. All our investments are carefully chosen with the full guarantee that it has the potential to become a world-class energy asset. ITFI has a unique approach to creating shareholder enrichment and value. Over the years, we have made informed decisions and significant reinvestment in our fleet and equipment. We usually take the long-term view in analyzing how to invest capital to create future growth and earnings. With a unique disciplined approach and high operational parameters, we have gained excellent output with minimal investment.


At ITFI we recognize that satisfying Global Oil and Gas needs requires a high degree of efficiency, and reliability which is why we seek out only the best supplier networks to realize our requirements for materials and services for our clients and end users.